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Golf Vocabulary

Golf has given us some unusual and colorful terms to describe shots:
Shank, chili-dip, skull, duck-hook, worm-burner, etc....

Here are some new ones to add to your vocabulary:

A *Paris Hilton* - a very expensive hole

A *James Joyce* - putt that's an impossible read.

A *Rock Hudson * - it looked straight, but wasn't.

An *Elton John *- a big bender that lips the rim

A *Saddam Hussein* - from one bunker into another

A *Yasser Arafat* - butt ugly and in the sand.

A *Kate Winslett* - a drive that's little bit fat but otherwise perfect!

A *John Kennedy Jr.* - didn't make it over the water.

An *Elephant's Ass* - it's high and it stinks.

A *Rodney King* - over-clubbed

An *O.J. Simpson* - got away with it.

A *Princess Grace* - should have used a driver.

A *Princess Di* - shouldn't have used a driver.

A *condom* - safe, but didn't feel very good.

An *Anna Kournikova* - looks great, but unlikely to get a result.

A *Brazilian* - Shaved the hole.

A *Rush Limbaugh* - a bit too far to the right

A *Nancy Pelosi* -way too far to the left

A "Barbra Streisand" - Ugly but still working.

A "Linda Ronstadt" - Blew By You.

A "Dick Cheney" - Ball in an undisclosed location.

A "Teddy Kennedy" - goes in the water, but jumps out.

A *Peewee Herman* - Too much wrist