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100 Ways to be a Happier Person
100 Ways To Be A Happier Person

1) Spend less money than you make.
2) Don't blame other people for your problems.
3) Admit it when you make a mistake.
4) Give all the clothes that you haven't worn in the last three years to charity.
5) Do something nice for someone often and try not to get caught at it.
6) Listen more than you talk.
7) Stop thinking you need to have a strong opinion about everything.
8) Invite a university student to eat lunch at your home periodically.
9) Take a thirty-minute walk or run every day.
10 Skip two meals a week and give the money to the hungry or the homeless.
11) Have a daily devotional.
12) Attend Sunday school and worship every Sunday.
13) Be on time.
14) Don't make excuses.
15) Be kind to the kind and to the unkind.
16) Get organized.
17) Spend time with your family.
18) Don't argue.
19) Read good books, especially the Bible.
20) Read a newspaper daily and a newsmagazine weekly.
21) Strive for excellence, not for perfection.
22) Cultivate good manners.
23) Don't be critical of other people.
24) Take your responsibilities seriously but not yourself seriously.
25) Don't get set in your ways.
26) Learn something new every day.
27) Have at least four friends with which you maintain contact.
28) Live in the present but plan for the future.
29) Maintain your property and possessions.
30) Don't sweat the small stuff.
31) Watch your diet and your weight.
32) Be as gracious to other people as you want God to be to you.
33) Live by these three priorities: God, others, and self.
34) Practice recycling and ecology.
35) Don't be envious or jealous.
36) Count your blessings often.
37) Finish what you start.
38) Have short term, long term, and lifetime goals.
39) Learn to say the four magic words of success: I need your help.
40) Listen to good music.
41) Watch less television.
42) Take vitamins.
43) Develop a hobby.
44) Participate in a sport.
45) Reduce the obligation that diminishes you spiritually and emotionally.
46) Be generous with your money.
47) Mind your own business.
48) Stop thinking you have to own everything you enjoy.
49) Keep a daily journal of your thoughts, prayers and dreams.
50) Give some time every week to solving a problem in the community that concerns you.
51) Get eight hours sleep per night.
52) Do more work than your employer can reasonably expect.
53) Take a day off each quarter and a vacation each year.
54) Have an exercise program.
55) Grow something.
56) Keep up to date with your correspondence.
57) Be kind to animals.
58) Do only one thing at a time.
59) Never get out of touch with young people.
60) Show respect for your elders.
61) Have a date with your mate once a week.
62) Be aware of how vulnerable you are to bad habits and addictions.
63) Get up early in the morning.
64) Make the best of your circumstances.
65) Don't try to please everybody.
66) Work smarter not harder.
67) Be the best you can be at whatever task is set before you.
68) Know your strengths and your weaknesses.
69) Say "please," "thank you", "sir," and "ma'am" a lot.
70) Laugh and smile a lot.
71) Never betray confidences.
72) Compliment someone every day.
73) Vote.
74) Write your elected representatives from time to time.
75) Keep your will up to date.
76) Sign a living will and an organ donor card.
77) Keep your promises.
78) Never lie, cheat, or steal.
79) Remember people's names.
80) Don't procrastinate.
81) Praise in public and criticize in private.
82) Tell your loved ones you love them often.
83) Don't discuss salary, property, debts, or net worth.
84) Buy the best shoes, chair and bed that money can buy.
85) Don't gossip or repeat gossip.
86) Learn to appreciate good art.
87) Always have something to which you are looking forward.
88) Maintain control of your sexual urges.
89) Forgive others and yourself.
90) Spend time periodically in silence and solitude.
91) Be yourself even if it means you are different from others.
92) Never use profanity.
93) Learn CPR.
94) Turn off the television, radio, and telephone during meals.
95) Have regular physical and dental checkups.
96) Avoid negative people.
97) Read the fine print.
98) Drive the speed limit.
99) Drink a lot of water.
100) Make up your mind to be happy.